How we designed an award winning garden – Part 5

Planting Plans

After we’ve logged all of the existing plants and decided what will stay, what will go and what needs transplanting, we can then put together the planting plan. This would normally be done in Vectorworks (after a lot of preliminary scribbles).

We’d say around 90% of our clients are not gardeners and therefore not plants people. However they still all appreciate the value and importance of plants for the look and feel of the garden. We therefore need to find a balance between what looks good and what the client will be able to maintain.

When putting together the planting plan we will start with the big structural elements like trees, feature shrubs and focal plants to frame the different views in the garden. We will then fill in with the prettier planting, which tends depend on the client’s level of gardening expertise.

For clients who want a low maintenance garden, we would include a high level of shrubs in the planting plan, like this one for a client in High Lane, Stockport.

planting plan for low maintenance garden in high lane

For clients who are more enthusiastic plants people, the planting plan would include more perennials and grasses. Like this one for clients in Poynton. In fact they wanted an area left unplanted, which they could fill themselves with vegetables and fruit trees.

high maintenance garden planting plan

Next week will be our final blog in this series and will explain the specification of works, the schedule of quantities and construction, design and management requirements.