How we designed an award winning garden – Part 3

Conceptual Design Drawings

The conceptual design drawing is an initial plan view of the garden. The drawing shows the spatial allocation and flow of the garden and blocks out the different areas, ie hard landscaping, planting borders and paths. It will also incorporate existing key features of the garden like sculptures, large plants or trees. These will either be worked around or repositioned within the design.

tranquil Cheshire garden rear garden conceptual design drawing

The majority of our design work is done on the computer. The conceptual design drawing is done using the CAD package Vectorworks. We still however rely on endless scribbles and sketches to help us with the design process.

Sarah doing conceptual garden design on vectorworks

Some clients find it hard to visualise their garden from a plan view, so sometimes we will also do a 3D visual.

tranquil cheshire garden 3d visual

Next week we will talk about the masterplan and setting out drawings.