How long does a garden take to design & build?

One thing we find is that new clients always underestimate how long the whole garden design and build process will take. For a small back garden (like the one pictured in Wilmslow below), you should be looking at a minimum of 4 months from initial meeting to finished garden. This breaks down roughly into 4 weeks for the design process, 2-3 weeks for tendering for contractors, 6-8 weeks waiting time (optimistic depending on time of year) and 4 weeks build time. You could look at it as similar to doing a small extension on a house, in terms of both time and budget.

For a larger project of say a house set in grounds, we would need to phase the work to do at different times of the year. For example we have been working on one of our current projects for 4 years now.

So getting your design done as early as possible is paramount. If you want a new garden to enjoy in the summer, you need to be talking to a designer ideally in the autumn before, and at the very latest by Easter!

Below are before and after shots of a client’s garden in Wilmslow Cheshire, which took approximately 4 months to complete from initial meeting.