Garden Projects and Interesting Times!

Design work continues on a wide range of garden projects. As a result, our clients will be enjoying the benefits of being outside for many years to come. Since engagement with nature has been highlighted as a critical factor of wellbeing and health, this garden projects trend is likely to continue for some time.

Whilst a private garden is only a small part of this wider concept, it is a privilege to be able to help clients enhance whatever outside space they have. In addition, engaging clients with concepts such as; sustainability, wellbeing and positive environmental contribution is also hugely rewarding. A garden can deliver on all of these important concepts if carefully designed and considered.

Below are some photographs of some garden projects. Firstly, the photographs show some recent design work. Additionally, there are some garden projects during their construction phase (Contractor-Creative Gardens and Driveways). Finally, there are some photographs of some finished and maturing gardens it was possible to visit this year.

Enjoy the garden projects and be inspired!

A mix of new concept plans.
Concept Design for Modern Renovation Project.
Concept design for large family home.
garden plan
Front Driveway Concept Design
garden plan
Concept for Front Garden
garden plan
Rear Garden Concept Design
Porcelain paving and Baksteen pavers waiting for planting.
Lawn area waiting for drier weather!
Backsteen pavers as a feature seating area.
Raised Corten vegetable planters.
Hartley Botanic Greenhouse ready for sunshine!
Bespoke Corten panels set onto powder coated pergola.
Bespoke Corten pergola and waterfeature.
Evening seating area with fab furniture.
Pollarded Catalpa bignonioides (Indian Bean tree).
Clipped Buxus topairy and Alliums.
Maturing garden with clipped hornbeam and blocks of grasses.
Fire bowl and seats in a shady corner.
Soft planting and sunnny seating.
Gill Clarke Sculpture with Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’ and Pennisetum ‘Hameln’
Freshly clipped Yew topiary.