Boundary trees in Bowdon garden

Here is a rather nice drawing that Matt did of a line a trees to go along a boundary wall of a client’s garden in Bowdon, Cheshire.

The existing tree is an Ash. A and E are Magnolia ‘Galaxy’, B and D are Quercus ilex, C is Fagus silvatica ‘Altropunicea’ and F is Quercus palustris.

As you can see the trees are going in right now.  Below is the Fagus silvatica or Purple Beech with the Ash in the backgound.

And at the other end of the line the Magnolia and the Quercus palustris (Pin Oak).

New boundary trees in Bowdon garden

The trees will not only provide instant privacy from the neighbours, but also a habitat for wildlife and an attractive backdrop for the planting.