Going artificial

Having wrestled with a soggy patch of lawn for 10 years, I’ve finally taken the plunge and gone artificial in my own garden. Not a decision I’ve taken lightly (in fact I’ve been mulling it over for a good 3 years!). But with cart-wheeling children and an energetic spaniel to contend with, artificial seems to be the perfect solution. There are a bewildering number of artificial grass products on the market and, like choosing a carpet for your bedroom, it pays to do your research.  I’ve selected a 30mm pile with a high density of fibres, and it does the job amazingly. It is a great playing surface for my children and easy to keep clean after my dog. My husband is also delighted as he has more important shed-space now the lawn mower has gone! My one critisism is that it looks just too perfect. I’m waiting for my Nepeta to fill out in the borders and soften the edges with a haze of purple this summer.

artificial grass artificial grass artificial grass